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Weekly Reports


Weekly Reports

*Includes Confirmed & Probable

EARS and Outbreaks

Purpose and Limitations


The Communicable Disease (CD) Weekly Portal is intended to provide a snapshot of cases reported among Washoe County residents which are confirmed, probable, or suspect in accordance with the CDC’s National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System case definitions, which can be viewed here:

The case counts are provided by MMWR weeks which correspond to the week of the calendar year for which the case was reported to Northern Nevada Public Health’s Epidemiology Program. This portal allows the user to select the condition(s) and time period by week, quarter, or year of interest and includes cases reported starting in 2000. Data can be exported into .CSV format for the users own analytical purpose including development of graphs, tables, or figures as needed.

The Early Aberration Reporting System (EARS) flags diseases which are occurring at a higher than expected rate for any given week.

Outbreak counts provide the total number of outbreaks currently open by type (e.g., COVID, influenza, gastrointestinal, hand, foot, and mouth disease) that have been reported to Northern Nevada Public Health. Not all outbreaks are reported to Northern Nevada Public Health, therefore this is not meant to be a comprehensive list.


Case counts are NOT representative of all cases occurring in the community. Mandatory reporters for reportable conditions include but are not limited to healthcare providers, laboratories, school and daycare facilities as identified in Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) 441A Northern Nevada Public Health’s Epidemiology Program rely on reporting parties in order to be made aware of instances of disease and potential outbreaks occurring in the community.

  1. Over the years case definitions have changed and cases are only included when they meet the criteria for surveillance under the year in which the case was reported.
  2. The NNPH Epidemiology Program relies primarily on reporting of laboratory confirmed conditions, and although providers are required to report reportable conditions, the majority of cases are reported via laboratories.
  3. Additionally, there are several conditions for which persons may not seek medical care and would therefore not be tested or diagnosed, and not be reflected in the data.

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Northern Nevada Public Health, Division of Epidemiology and Public Health Preparedness, Epidemiology Program. Data accessed


If you have questions, comments, or to report diseases use this form website (INSERT CD REPORT URL), to report outbreaks use the form on this website ( or you can email or call 24/7 775-328-2447 to speak with an epidemiologist.