Four ways to ask smokers to "take it outside":

Asking strangers, and sometimes even friends and family, to smoke outside can sometimes be stressful. It is important to remember that the vast majority of people are respectful and will abide by the law, if they are aware and reminded of it. Below are 4 ways to ask people who smoke to "take it outside". It may not be easy at first but you have the right and the responsibility to avoid secondhand smoke.

  1. As the business owner/manager to enforce the law: I thought this was a non-smoking business. Would you please ask them to smoke outside?
  2. Remind them of the law: Maybe you didn't know, but Nevada law prohibits smoking in this area/building/business. Smoking is allowed outside.
  3. Be polite: I would like to ask a favor. Would you mind smoking outside? This is a non-smoking area.
  4. It is the smoke, not the smoker that is the problem: Would you not smoke right now? I`d really appreciate it.