Why recycle if the process will cost my business money?

There are environmental benefits to recycling that are well documented. For example, paper recycling has greatly reduced the need to harvest virgin timber to make paper products. Instead, waste paper is re-processed and used in the manufacturing of new paper. Thus, the act of recycling promotes efficient and cost effective use of solid waste without depleting limited natural resources. This effort also limits environmental degradation that often results when extracting or harvesting virgin raw materials.

Another benefit can be realized by promoting the fact that your business recycles. Sustainability, responsible use of resources and commitment to community can be featured as part of an advertising campaign. Further, many residents are demonstrating a preference for businesses that actively recycle. Finally, by reducing the overall amount of waste that must be disposed, your business may reduce the cost for disposal. For example, if a business currently uses a six (6) yard dumpster, but can divert 20 – 30% of their waste to recycling, a four (4) yard dumpster would be adequate, resulting in lowered cost for service to the dumpster.