Cottage Food

Are there production limits for my Cottage Food Business?

The Nevada Legislature (SB 206 77/2013) placed a $35,000.00 per year limit to the amount of money that one can earn in the Cottage Food Industry.

Can I give out Cottage Food samples?

You can give out samples if they are prepackaged and labeled per the Cottage Food and Food Safety Guidelines. 



Can I sell Cottage Foods over the phone or the Internet?

No, you may not sell Cottage Foods over the Internet or the phone. All sales must occur by means of an in-person transaction. Shipping product through the mail is prohibited.  You may have a website/social media account that has your business information, but all sales must be conducted by the customer contacting you.

Can I sell my Cottage Foods to a wholesaler, etc.?

No, your foods are not inspected/produced under the required industry standards. The Cottage Food law disallows this.

Do I need to obtain a Business License for Cottage Foods?

Contact the following Business License Departments:

  • Washoe County (775) 328-3733
  • City of Reno (775) 334-2090
  • City of Sparks (775) 353-2360
Do I need a Health Permit to sell Cottage Foods?

No, but you need to be registered with a Nevada jurisdicion to sell in Washoe County. To sell in other Nevada Counties you must contact the respective agencies to enquire about registration procedures and policies.

Do I need to collect Sales Tax for Cottage Foods?

Please visit the Nevada Department of Taxation for further details.

How do I file a complaint against a Cottage Food operation?

Contact your local Health District. Northern Nevada Public Health (775) 328-2434

Must I put a label on my Cottage Foods?
Why can’t I sell Cottage Foods to my favorite restaurant, etc.?

Your foods are not inspected/produced under the required industry standards (USDA, FDA) that are required for routine sales/use to the food service industry. The Cottage Food law disallows this.

What foods may we not sell as Cottage Foods?

Home canned foods and sauces, pickled items, breads/cakes/pies made with home canned food ingredients, apple cider, dried or dehydrated meats or chicken (jerkies), apple (fruit) butters, pumpkin butter or other fruit butters. Additionally, foods containing cream cheese frosting, uncooked egg, custard or meringue may not be sold.

What types of Cottage Foods may I produce?

Breads, cakes, pastries, candies, cookies, bread mixes, fruit pies, jams, jellies, preserves, dried fruits, popcorn, popcorn balls, cotton candy, dry herbs, seasonings, cereals, trail-mixes, granolas, coated and un-coated nuts and vinegar and flavored vinegar.

Where can I find a copy of the Cottage Food Law?
Where may I sell my Cottage Foods?

In your home, at a roadside stand on your own property, flea market, swap meet, church bazaar, garage sale or craft fair.

Why are some products not allowed to be sold as Cottage foods?

This is due to the inherent risks that may be associated with these non-allowable foods, since they will not be inspected or regulated by Local/State/Federal health officials. The bill passed by the Nevada Legislature allowed only certain listed foods to be provided.

Last modified on 08/14/2023