General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Backflow Prevention Requirements - English

Certified Food Protection Manager Information - English

Chemical Bottle Label Template - English

Cooking of Raw Animal Foods Information - English Spanish Chinese

Cooling Foods Quickly and Safely - English Spanish Chinese

Critical Temperatures for TCS food - English Spanish Chinese

Cottage Food FAQ - English Spanish Chinese

Date Marking Guidance - English Spanish Chinese

Dogs on Patio FAQ - English Spanish Chinese

FDA Food Facility Registration - Sign-up

Foodborne Illness Restriction and Exclusion Guidelines - English

Food Safety Field Inspection Manual - English

Handwashing Guidance - English

Hold Orders FAQ - English

Labeling Guidelines - English 

Label Template - English 

Molluscan Shellfish Guidance Document - English Spanish Chinese

No Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-eat Foods FAQ - English Spanish Chinese

Non-continuous Cooking of Raw Animal Foods - English Spanish Chinese

Norovirus Disease Alert - English Spanish Chinese

Power Outage at a Food Establishment - English

Parasite Destruction FAQ - English Spanish Chinese

Raw and Undercooked Food Advisory Information - English Spanish Chinese

Reducing Foodborne Illness Risk Factors - English Spanish Chinese

Service Animal Guideline - English Spanish Chinese

Service Animal Poster - 11x17(pdf) 11x17(publisher file) 

TCS Foods Guidance Document - English

Time as a Public Health Control FAQ - English

Food Safety Handouts

Alcohol Health Warning Sign - English Spanish Chinese

Allergen Poster - English Spanish

Cottage Food vs. Craft Food - English

Employee Health Poster - English Spanish

Excellence in Food Safety Award Brochure - English Spanish

Handwashing Sign - English 

Manual Warewashing Sign - English Spanish Chinese

Refrigerated Storage - English Spanish Chinese

Thawing Foods - English Spanish Chinese


Sample Standard Operating Procedures

Chemical Sanitizing Dishmachine SOP - English Spanish Chinese

Cleanup Procedures For Vomiting & Diarrhea - English Spanish Chinese   

Compliance and Enforcement Policy Flow Charts - English

Cooking Raw Animal Foods SOP - English Spanish Chinese

Cooling TCS Foods SOP - English Spanish Chinese

Eliminating Bare Hand Contact with RTE Foods SOP - English Spanish Chinese

Employee Health and Hygiene SOP - English Spanish Chinese

Food Safety Checklist - English Vietnamese

High Temperature Dishmachine SOP - English Spanish Chinese

Holding Cold and Hot TCS Foods - English Spanish Chinese

Reheating Cooked Foods for Hot-Holding Temperature Log - English

Risk Control Plan - English

Warewashing in a Three Compartment Sink SOP - English Spanish Chinese

Time as a Public Health Control Written Procedures - 4-Hour (English)  6-Hour (English)

Time as a Public Health Control Written Procedures: Sushi Rice Only - English

Date-Marking Label Template - English

Food Safety Logs and Record Keeping

Chemical Sanitizing Dish Machine Log - English Spanish Chinese

Chemical Sanitizer Bucket Concentration Log - English

Cooking Temperatures Log - English

Cooling Log (Blank) -  English Spanish Chinese Vietnamese

Cooling Log (w/ Instructions) - English Spanish Chinese Vietnamese

Datemarking Log - English

Employee Absence and Illness Log - English

Employee Health Policy - English Spanish Chinese

Freezer Temperature Log - English Spanish Chinese

Food Safety Training Log - English

High Temperature Dish Machine Log - English Spanish Chinese

Hot Holding TCS Food Log - English Spanish Chinese

Refrigerator Log - English Spanish Chinese Vietnamese

Thermometer Calibration Log - English Spanish Chinese 

Time as a Public Health Control Log - English

Parasite Destruction Log

Active Managerial Control (AMC) Program Resources

AMC Course Slide Deck - English

Food Safety Overview Slide Deck - English

AMC Policy Document - English Spanish

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Additional Resources

HACCP Plan Information

HACCP Specific Resources

Operational Plan Information

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