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Program Description

Foodborne illnesses cause various gastrointestinal symptoms (such as vomiting and/or diarrhea) that result from the ingestion of foods contaminated by disease-causing bacteria, parasites and viruses. The Foodborne Illness & Outbreak Program, a subprogram of the Food Protection Program, is responsible for the surveillance and investigation of foodborne illness complaints, outbreaks, recalls, and exclusion of ill individuals with sensitive duties such as a food handler, day care worker, or day care attendees. The purpose of this program is to identify and halt potential outbreaks of foodborne illness within Washoe County.

In addition to investigating foodborne illness complaints, the Food Protection Program is also responsible for responding to and investigating gastrointestinal complaints associated with Schools and Child Care Facilities.


FAQ: What is a product recall?
A:  A recall is when a product is removed from the market by the company or at the request of the inspection authority. A product can be recalled for a variety of reasons, including misbranding, undeclared allergens, or potential contamination by a pathogen. If you have a product that has been recalled, return it to the place you purchased it.

FAQ: How do find out if I have a product that has been recalled?
A: Not all recalls affect all parts of the country. You can see a list of nationwide recalls.  Recalls affecting Washoe County will be posted on this website. If you see a recall that you think may affect you, call the store where you purchased the item to see if the item has been recalled or see additional information

Outbreak Resources & Guidelines

Gastrointestinal (GI) Outbreak Guidelines

Hand, Foot, Mouth/Coxsackie Guidelines

Influenza-like Illness Guidelines

  • For Schools -coming soon!
  • For Child Cares -coming soon!
  • For Long Term Care Facilities -coming soon!

More Outbreak Resources

Last modified on 02/16/2024