NORTHERN NEVADA Public Health Serving Reno, Sparks & Washoe County

Boards and Committees


Air Pollution Control Hearing Board

The Air Pollution Control Hearing Board (APCHB) holds hearings when a negotiated resolution cannot be achieved. Any person may bring an appeal to the APCHB if they feel they have been aggrieved in any of the following ways:

  • Received a denial, suspension, or revocation of a permit.
  • Received a suspension or revocation of a variance.
  • Received a Notice of Violation.
  • Where there exists a disagreements with conditions or amendments to a permit.

After receiving evidence and conducting a hearing, the APCHB shall forward its findings and recommendations to the District Board of Health (DBOH) for final decision.

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District Board of Health

By the authority established through Nevada Revised Statute (NRS 439.370 et seqq) and the 1986 Interlocal Agreement (last amended 2022), the Washoe County District Board of Health is a policy-making board composed of seven members, which includes two representatives each from Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, and a physician licensed to practice medicine in Nevada.

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Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board

The EMS Advisory Board reviews reports, evaluations, and recommendations of the Regional Emergency Medical Services Oversight Program, discusses issues related to regional emergency medical services, and makes recommendations related to performance standards and attainment of those standards, medical protocols, communication, coordination, and other items of importance to a high performing Regional Emergency Medical Services System.

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Food Protection Hearing and Advisory Board

The board is appointed by the District Board of Health to serve, as needed, when an appeal or variance hearing is required by the regulations governing food establishments.

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Inter-Hospital Coordinating Council
Northern Nevada HIV Prevention Planning Group (NNHPPG)

The NNHPPG is dedicated to promoting community participation and involvement in HIV prevention and care services and activities, reducing the duplication of services and improving the coordination of service implementation, and strengthening local and statewide partnerships in the fight against the spread of HIV in Northern Nevada. Activities are guided by the most recent Nevada Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan.

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Regional Business License and Permits Program Oversight Group
Sewage, Wastewater, and Sanitation (SWS) Hearing Advisory Board

The Sewage, Wastewater, and Sanitation (SWS) Hearing Advisory Board holds hearings to consider:

  • Appeals,
  • Applications for variances, and
  • Petitions to consider other matters relating to sewage, wastewater, or sanitation.
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Last modified on 01/03/2024