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Food Plan Review Application

    1. Contact name, telephone number, mailing address
    2. Contractor name, telephone number, mailing address
    3. Owner's name, telephone number, mailing address
  2. AIR QUALITY REQUIREMENTS - Air Quality Division (775) 784-7200
    1. Dust Control Plans are required for any surface disturbance of one or more acres
    2. Acknowledgment of Asbestos Assessment -- An acknowledgment sign-off (pink sheet) is required for remodels, tenant improvements and demolitions in all commercial building or residential buildings being converted to commercial use. An exemption is available for tenant improvements in new buildings, which have not been previously occupied
    1. Menu, seating capacity, hours of operation
    2. Provide a plot plan showing location of establishment, garbage-grease rendering container pad, loading/unloading areas and docks
    3. The floor plan shall include the location of all food service equipment
    4. The plan layout shall contain room size, aisle space, space between and behind equipment and the placement of equipment on the floor (when requested elevated drawing of all food service equipment)
    5. Auxiliary areas, such as storage rooms, garbage rooms, toilets, and basements used for food storage or food preparation, locker rooms, etc., shall be shown on the plan
    6. Complete finish schedules for each room, to include: floors, walls, ceilings, and coved junctures
    7. Plumbing schedules, to include: location of floor drains; floor sinks; water supply lines; waste lines; hot water heaters, with capacity and recovery rates, backflow prevention, and wastewater line connections (direct or indirect)
    8. Lighting schedules with shields; food contact surfaces minimum 50 ft candles, all other minimum 20 ft candles (measured at a height of 30 inches)
    9. Equipment schedule (or cut sheets), to include: make and model numbers and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) or equivalent listing (when applicable) of all food service equipment
      1. When custom equipment is used, the fabricator must be identified
        Equipment should include:
        • Sinks-prep, hand sinks, dishwashing, dishwasher, mop
        • Hoods
        • Sneeze guards
        • Walk-in coolers/freezers
        • Refrigeration/freezers
        • Shelves/racks
        • Stoves/ovens/etc.
        • Dispensers: soda, coffee, yogurt, ice cream, etc.
        • Special equipment: vacuum packaging, blast freezers, bain-maries, etc.
        • Mixers, slicers, etc.
        • Any other needed kitchen equipment
    10. Food Contact Surfaces, shelves, countertops, racks
    1. Plans are to be submitted whenever a food establishment is to be constructed or extensively remodeled, or when an existing structure is to be converted for use as a food establishment. Plans are to be submitted to the appropriate building departments. The plans should be properly prepared, legible and drawn to scale, using ¼" per foot minimum. Plans must be reviewed and approved by the Health Authority before any work shall begin. Plans shall be deemed expired when construction has not been completed within (18) eighteen months after the approval of the original plan.

The City of Reno and the City of Sparks Environmental Control Departments regulate the plan review, installation, cleaning, and sizing of grease interceptors and grease traps.  Please contact the appropriate agency directly by clicking on the linked city above.

Last modified on 08/15/2023