Keep it Clean. Make Truckee Meadows a nOzone. Take Care of Our Air.

What does it mean to Be Idle Free?

To Be Idle Free means to not leave your vehicle running while it is not being driven.  Simply turning off your vehicle saves money, reduces wear and tear on your vehicle, and is better for our air.

Why should we all Be Idle Free?

  • Keep our air clean of the air pollutants that are found in idling emissions.  
  • Protect our children and those with heart/lung disease.
  • You get 0 miles per gallon of fuel meaning you waste gas and money.
  • Reduces unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

How can we Be Idle Free?

  • Turn off your car when it is parked for more than 30 seconds.
  • Park and go inside your destination instead of using the drive-thru.
  • Warm up your car by driving it.
  • Use an engine block heater to warm engine during the winter.
  • Find shade outside your vehicle or go indoors during the summer.
  • Encourage your school, day care, or business to Be Idle Free.

Last modified on 06/28/2024