Submitting a Records Request for Septic & Well


  • You will be asked for both the address and the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) of the property for which you are requesting records. You are not required to submit both, but some records could be missed as either the address or APN may have changed. The APN can be found by searching the Assessor’s website. Please provide any previous address or APN that the records could have been saved under as our records do not automatically update when these changes occur.
  • Property records may not be accurate and should be considered to provide an approximate location at best. In situations where exact locations are needed, physical verification of well locations may be necessary. Additionally a third-party septic or plumbing company can often provide septic locating services. Northern Nevada Public Health staff will request this type of information during plan reviews when necessary.
  • Pending permits may not be provided as they are not considered a final property record until all aspects of the permit have been satisfied and documented.

Last modified on 06/21/2024