The Washoe County Tuberculosis Control Program is dedicated to controlling the spread of tuberculosis by ensuring effective treatment for persons with active TB disease, identification and treatment of persons exposed to someone with TB disease and persons with latent TB infection (LTBI) who are at risk of developing active TB disease. The TB program provides TB evaluations for newly arrived immigrants residing in Washoe County, persons with symptoms of TB disease and persons exposed to someone with TB disease.

TB screening evaluations for employment or school are not available at the TB clinic. TB screening for employment or school is available here

Clinic services:

  • Provide directly observed therapy (DOT) to persons with active TB disease
  • Provide TB disease evaluation and consultation for clients referred by their physicians
  • Identify and test persons exposed to someone with active TB disease (contact investigation)
  • Evaluate new immigrants planning to reside in Washoe County for active TB disease
  • Test household members of new immigrants
  • Evaluate symptomatic persons living at shelters
  • Test new group home residents referred by Washoe County Social Services
  • Provide TB education to all persons residing in Washoe County 
  • Provide Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) treatment to:
    • Infected contacts to active TB
    • Children under 5 years of age and members of their household
    • Immigrants and members of their household
    • Homeless persons
    • Former inmates who are homeless upon release from jail or prison
    • Persons with high medical risk for developing TB disease 


All records are held confidentially and will not be released without your written permission except as required by law. Tuberculosis disease is a communicable illness outlined in Nevada Administrative Code 441.A.040. This means that providers are authorized in certain circumstances under HIPAA Section 164.512b ("permitted disclosures") to release information pertaining to the TB disease without patient consent. 

Cost for services:

  • TB clinic services are free of charge

More Information about TB

Clinic Location and Contact Information:

TB Clinic
10 Kirman Avenue
Reno, NV 89502
Phone: 775-785-4785
Fax: 775-785-4737

Clinic hours:

By Appointment only
Monday - Friday
8am - 12pm
1pm - 4:30pm
Closed 12pm-1pm for lunch


Last modified on 12/07/2023