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Prior to any pool or spa opening and operating, it must be inspected, and approved for use in writing by Northern Nevada Public Health (NNPH). Please review past inspection reports and make sure all items in the list below have been addressed before scheduling an inspection. Once the pool and/or spa have been properly prepared for inspection and the permit fee paid, inspections must be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance of the requested inspection date.

 Seasonal Pool & Spa Opening Inspection Requests

All pools and spas are now classified as annual permits. If any pools and/or spas are closed and/or covered for any length of time during the year, NNPH requires scheduling an opening inspection prior to operating as described above.

Please contact the NNPH at (775) 328-2434 with any questions or one of the pool and spa program contacts for assistance.

The following list of items MUST be verified at the time of inspection. Any single deficiency will result in a failed opening inspection:

1. A Certified Pool Operator (CPO) must be designated, and a current CPO certificate must be available for review.
2. An emergency phone must be readily available and operating.
3. Life saving equipment must be available and in good condition. This includes a Shepard’s hook and a rescue tube with rope attached that is 1.5 times longer than the width of the pool.
4. Main drain covers must be firmly attached and clearly visible from the deck. Documentation of drain cover expiration dates must be available for review.
5. The pool/spa must be operating above the minimum turnover rate. This must be verified with a properly located and functioning flow meter. Flow must not exceed maximum filter capacity.
6. Water quality must be within the following parameters:
a. Chlorine 1.0-10.0ppm
b. Bromine 3.0-8.0ppm
c. pH 7.0-8.0
d. Cyanuric acid < 100ppm
7. A test kit must be available to verify all chemical levels. Testing reagents must not be expired.
8. Drinking water must be accessible.
9. Enclosures must be properly constructed and maintained; all gates must be self-closing and self-latching.
10. A standard 16-unit first aid kit must be accessible. It must also include two emergency blankets.
11. Any pool equipped with a single main drain must have functional equipment to discontinue operation when a flow restriction is detected.
12. Fill water must come from an approved source and be equipped with an air-gap. Water must be free of dirt/debris.
13. Waste water must be disposed to sewer with an air-gap.
14. All pool/spa, deck, equipment surfaces must be maintained and provide no apparent hazards to bathers.
15. Lifeguards must be available (when required). Current lifeguard certifications must be available for review.
16. All chemicals must be safely stored per manufacturer instructions.
17. Spa temperature must not exceed 104° F.
18. Underwater lights must be properly installed.

The following list of items will be verified, but an inspector may exercise discretion when determining an approved inspection:

19. All recirculation equipment must be adequately maintained and in leak-free condition.
20. Informational and warning signage must be provided and clearly visible.
21. All handrails and ladders must be maintained in tight condition.
22. Lighting must be operational. Operating hours may be restricted to daylight hours only.
23. Deck must adequately drain.
24. Restrooms and showers must be accessible and maintained.
25. Water quality: Alkalinity 80-120ppm

Please note that the above lists do not include every item that will be inspected. For a complete list of requirements please reference Nevada Administrative Code 444.

It is strongly suggested that an inspection request be made at least 2 weeks prior to the intended opening date, especially the closer it gets to Memorial Day. It is also strongly suggested that 2-3 days of water quality records are maintained prior to the date of opening inspection.

Last modified on 09/21/2023