Frequently Asked Questions 

Is my water safe to drink?

If you are connected to the public water system (Truckee Meadows Water Authority), then yes your water is safe to drink. View the most recent water quality report at their web address 
Just select the community you would like to view results for or you may contact TMWA customer service at 775-834-8080.

Can I use my well?

If your well is submerged, do not use it. Once the flood water recedes and the well is no longer in danger of being covered or having water all around it, you may begin the process of bringing the well back on line for use. Please see the guidance here for getting a well up and running after a flood.

If your well does not have any flood waters around or over the top of the well, it may be safe to use. The Northern Nevada Public Health (NNPH) recommends routine testing of all domestic wells to ensure your personal water lines and infrastructure are not contaminated.

Is my septic system failing?

If your property is covered with flood water, it is recommended that you do not use any water or severely limit the amount of water that is utilized to prevent any septic failure. If you have slow moving drains, water doesn’t drain from a bathtub or shower, or you have water backing up into the house then your septic system can no longer take any additional water and is beginning to fail.

If this occurs, you should stop using any water and wait for the flood waters to recede and allow the surface and ground water to move out of the area. This should give your septic system time to “recover” and the functionality may be evaluated at that time.

If you continue to use the septic system during a time of failure with the flood waters and ground water are extremely high, you may further damage the septic system and potentially the property, and may have to replace or repair the septic system.

Who should I contact with questions regarding Mosquitoes?

Please contact the NNPH at 775-328-2430.

What can I do with flood debris?

Work with your appropriate insurance company or adjustor. You may check the NNPH website for locations that accept flood debris.

Last modified on 08/15/2023