Fuel Up Healthy, GO! is a program for elementary school classrooms that promotes healthy behaviors, focusing on the importance of healthy eating and being physically active. This FREE program takes very little class time and is open to all kindergarten-5th grade classrooms in the Washoe County School District.  

How does it work?  

Fuel Up Healthy, GO! is a self-paced program that is implemented in the classrooms by teachers. Program materials are provided for teachers to successfully implement program. Small incentives are given to students at the completion of the program.  

Why should my classroom participate?  

It's FUN!  The curriculum and activities take a fun spin on the concepts of healthy eating and living active.   

It's GOOD for KIDS!   Healthy habits are the building blocks of lifelong well-being for children and teens.  Healthy habits can help boost students’ academic performance.   

It's EASY!  Northern Nevada Public Health provides all the materials you need to implement the program in your class! It’s free to participate and you and implement the program at your own pace.  

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If you have additional questions please contact schen@nnph.org 


Program Materials

Nutrition Education Component
Physical Activity Component
To receive your prizes, please complete this form to report your participation. Prizes will be delivered in May.


Healthy Eating
Physical Activity
5210 Healthy Schools
Promote healthy messaging within your school to support students and families in making the healthy choice the easy choice. In addition to participating in Fuel Up Healthy, GO! consider advocating for a healthy cafeteria! The Healthy Cafeterias program focuses on environmental cues to nudge students to choose healthier, more nutritious foods in the lunchroom. Healthy Cafeterias uses easy, low-cost and sustainable changes to encourage students to select, eat and enjoy healthier foods in school. Email Eva Sandoval at esandoval@nnph.org to inqure about Healthy Cafeterias.

Last modified on 04/23/2024