Eating healthy and staying active with your family can be fun, easy and enjoyable for everyone. Healthy habits can help your whole family maintain a healthy weight, build muscles and strong bones, improve brain function, protect memory, improve mood and much more. Explore these resources to learn how you can incorporate simple changes to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


Healthy Eating 

Good nutrition and a balanced diet are important at every age, offering many benefits for kids and adults and preventing long-term (chronic) diseases. Healthy food choices don’t have to cost a lot and there are many ways to making healthy eating fun!  


Active Living 

Active living is a lifestyle that incorporates physical activity into everyday routines, such as walking to school or biking to work. Children need 60 minutes of play with moderate to vigorous activity every day, but it doesn't have to occur at once. It all adds up! 

Here are things you can do to get healthy as a family: 

  1. Pick a family activity each week. Take a family hike, bike ride or visit a park. Find a park and outdoor space near you by visiting 
  2. Set up a family fitness challenge. See how many push-ups each of you can do in 30 seconds. Make an obstacle course in the backyard. Train for an event together, such as a 5K run/walk. Try a parents vs. kids game. Put your progress on a chart, with goals and prizes.  
  3. Eat at least three meals together a week. Eat as a family whenever possible, including well-balanced meals in reasonably sized portions. Limit sugars and saturated fats. Drink plenty of water. Have your kids pick healthy foods at the grocery store and cook together. 
  4. Practice good sleep hygiene. Quality sleep is essential to all aspect of health, including proper immune function, healing, concentration, memory and mood. Make bedrooms sleep-friendly and stick to a sleep schedule. 
  5. Choose an unhealthy habit to quit. Have each family member choose something they need to work on health-wise, whether it’s cutting back on sugary sweets or limiting screen time. If you smoke, quit. Secondhand smoke puts your family at risk as well. Learn how to break a bad habit. 
  6. Take technology breaks. These days, the whole family can get caught up in screens. Limit screen time for your kids to no more than 1-2 hours daily. Turn off the TV and don’t allow cell phones during mealtime. Turn off all electronics at least 30-45 minutes before bedtime. 

Supporting Student Wellness

Interested in becoming involved in the health and wellness of students in Washoe County? Join the Student Wellness Stakeholders Group. Parent and student involvement is welcomed and encouraged! For more information on meetings and how to participate check out the Washoe County School District webpage. 


 It’s time to get healthy as a family!  


Last modified on 08/15/2023