May is National Bike Month! Bike Month is all about highlighting the many benefits of riding a bike and encouraging more people to try biking. The best way to celebrate Bike Month is simply to get on a bike: ride to work, ride to the store or just ride and enjoy the scenery outside. Join us on the fun and learn more about how to celebrate Bike Month in Washoe County.

Biketopia | Sunday, April 28 | Reno Public Market | 12:00-3:00pm

Join us to kick-off Bike Month at the first ever Biketopia! Connect with other bike groups, supporters and people to learn more about biking in our community. There will be bike raffles by Blue Zone, repairs, helmet giveaways and more. Bring your family to this FREE event! 

Bike Bingo

  1. Save a copy or print this bingo card
  2. Complete any or all activities and cross them off. Share pictures of your progress on social media with the hashtag #TruckeeMeadowsBikeMonth

Youth Bike Packet

Celebrate Bike Month at your school or home with these fun challenges

Commuter Challenge

Provides a way to promote teamwork within your business, create a healthier workplace and get people excited about bicycling. 
How to join:
  1. Sign-up for RTC Smart Trips. Here is a short video of the step-by-step process to sign-up. Share this page with your friends and colleagues! 
  2. Visit the Challenges page and join the Bike Month Challenge 2024
  3. Get affiliated with your organization or register your company or school by contacting Following registration, you will receive instructions for customizing your organization’s area of the website.

Community Bike Month Events

Celebrate Bike Month by participating in an event hosted by our community partners!


 Bike Safety Tips

  1. Wear a helmet
  2. Wear bright colored clothing or reflective gear
  3. Ride in the same directions as traffic
  4. Stay alert and avoid distractions
  5. Before riding, do the ABC Quick Check (Air, Breaks, Chain and Cranks)

Review the League of American Bicyclists page on additional safety tips.


Bicycling in Nevada
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Last modified on 04/08/2024