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Secondhand smoke (SHS):
  • Contains harmful chemicals and toxins. There is no safe level of exposure to SHS.
  • Travels through cooling and heating systems, light fixtures, ceiling crawl spaces, and doorways.
  • Cannot be controlled by ventilation or filtration systems. The only way to limit SHS (and aerosol vapor) exposure is by establishing effective smoke-free/vape-free policies.

up to 68% of air is shared between units

You can make a difference! Many owners and managers do not realize that secondhand smoke is a problem in their buildings, so the first step is to let them know. If you are experiencing SHS infiltrating into your unit and need further guidance, please submit a complaint via the button below. 


To learn more, go to:

GetHealthy@nnph.org     |    775-328-6160 

Last modified on 08/15/2023