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Safe Gun Storage


Safe Gun Storage

If you are concerned about a loved one, temporarily “suicide-proofing” the home environment is critical.
This includes:
  • Temporarily restricting access to all guns, medications (including over the counter drugs like Tylenol), and other common methods (lethal means) of suicide including ropes, belts, knifes, and even access to tall buildings / locations if needed.
  • Out-of-home gun storage can be especially helpful to persons in crisis at risk for suicide. Friends or family members, gun shops, pawn shops, local businesses and even some law enforcement agencies are often willing to consider temporary, voluntary gun storage during times of crisis.


Safe Gun Storage Map

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  • Free Safe and Locks for Lethal Means of Suicide

  • To Protect Children Ages 17 and under
  • DCFS Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT)
  • In Northern Nevada call: 775-688-1670
    • Washoe County:
      • VA Sierra Health Care Health Systems
  • In Rural Nevada call: 702-486-7865
  • In Southern Nevada call: 702-486-7865
  • To Protect Adults and Other Questions about Locks and Safes
  • In Northern Nevada contact the Office of Suicide Prevention (OSP) at 775-684-2240.
  • Nevada Safe Firearm Storage, Firearm Transfer, and Red Flag Laws

  • Nevada safe gun storage laws – firearm transfers (NRS 202.2548)
  • Nevada safe gun storage laws – firearm transfers (NRS 202.2548)
    • Nevada gun laws do not require gun owners to store their firearms in a safe or to put a lock on the trigger. Though gun dealers are required to provide locking devices with the firearms they sell or transfer.
    • Nevada law encourages safe gun storage by making it a misdemeanor when:
      • you negligently store or leave a firearm at a location under your control; and
      • you know – or have reason to know – that there is a substantial risk that a child under 18 years old can access the firearm.
    • People convicted of felonies or of domestic violence misdemeanors are prohibited from possessing firearms in Nevada. Possession means to have actual or constructive control over the gun.
  • Nevada Aiding a Child to Possess a Gun (NRS 202.300)
  • Nevada Aiding a Child to Possess a Gun (NRS 202.300)
    • It is a Nevada offense to aid or knowingly permit a child under 18 to handle, possess, or control a gun for any purpose exceptwhile the child is accompanied or directed by his/her parent, guardian, or adult legally authorized to have charge of the child. In short, it is unlawful to let a child possess a gun without lawful permission and supervision.
  • Nevada Red Flag Laws (NRS33.540-620):
  • Nevada Red Flag Laws (NRS33.540-620):
    • If a person in Nevada appears at high risk of self-harm or harming others, the state’s red flag law allows police or certain family members to ask the court for a protection order preventing the high-risk person from having guns.
    • High risk behavior has several definitions, including when a person uses or attempt to use violence or physical force against themselves or another person; when a person communicates a threat of imminent violence; or when a person engages in conduct that presents a danger while the person is in possession of a firearm.  When the protective order is granted, the subject of the petition is prohibited possessing or having under his or her custody or control or by purchasing or otherwise acquiring any firearm.
    • Emergency high-risk orders last for seven days, but they can be extended for one year at a time. If the high-risk person ever violates the order by possessing a gun, they can be charged with a misdemeanorcarrying:
      • up to 6 months in jail and/or
      • up to $1,000 in fines.
  • (Source: Shouse Law)


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