Dispose of Old Medicines Correctly - Both Prescription and Over-the-Counter

For years we were told to "Crush & Flush" old drugs - but not anymore! The "Crush" part is still good, but the "Flush" part flushes the drugs into our water sources. To help keep medications out of our rivers and streams, follow one of these simple rules:

  • Bring your unused/expired prescription medications (pills and/or liquids) and non-prescription drugs in their original containers (feel free to remove any personal identification from the container) to one of the secure local Round Ups coordinated by Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN). Call 775-324-7557 or see the next scheduled date.
  • Another option is to use one of the permanent prescription drug drop boxes located in secure lobbies of Nevada State Police (775-684-2300 - 475 Valley Road, Reno), Reno Police Department (775-334-2175 - 455 E 2nd St, Reno), Sparks Police Department (775-353-2231 - 1701 E Prater Way, Sparks), and Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (775-328-3001 - 911 Parr Blvd, Reno) during their regular business hours.
  • You can still "CRUSH" and dispose of old prescription drugs, aspirin and vitamins by following these steps:
    • Take drugs out of the original container;
    • Place old drugs on a piece of wax paper and fold the paper over the drugs;
    • Use household items to crush the materials, like a rolling pin, jar, heavy water glass or a meat tenderizer; and,
    • Place some dry cat litter or wood shavings in a plastic bag, pour the crushed drugs into the cat litter, seal the bag and toss everything into the trash.

Common Questions

Why not just throw the drugs away in the bottle they came in, or just dump them whole into the trash?

Sometimes children or pets, being curious, may take the drugs with the possibility of becoming very ill.

What about liquid drugs, capsules and powdered mixes?

Bring them to a Local Roundup or secure drop box, or at home use cat litter as it makes a perfect absorbent for liquid drugs. Open the capsules and pour the mixtures into the litter as well. Open the outdated packages of mix powder and pour them into the litter or wood shavings. Gel capsules can be placed whole into the cat litter.

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Last modified on 04/15/2024