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Wolf Pack Coaches Challenge photo with kids, the UNR mascot and moreFuel Up Healthy, GO!

Fuel Up Healthy, GO! is a program for elementary school classrooms that promotes healthy behaviors, focusing on the importance of healthy eating and being physically active.

Program materials are provided for teachers to successfully implement the program and small incentives will be given to students at the completion of the program. For more information click here.




healthy-cafeteria.pngHealthy Cafeterias

Participating schools from the Washoe County School District have joined in on this important initiative to help kids recognize and make healthier choices at school.

Healthy cafeteria initiatives modify the food environment during school lunch periods, prominently displaying, marketing, and increasing the convenience of healthy foods and providing many healthy options, especially fresh, whole foods and foods cooked from scratch. Healthy cafeteria initiatives can focus on food served through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) as well as competitive or à la carte offerings.



Healthy Corner Stores

healthy-convenient-store.pngNorthern Nevada Public Health has expanded your options of healthy items at your neighborhood store! Learn more about the program by clicking here and visit a participating store today.





Healthcare Organizations

Research has shown that primary care providers can and should play an important role in obesity prevention because they are in a unique position to partner with patients and families/caregivers and to influence key components of the broader strategy of developing community support. To be effective we know that healthcare practice teams need tools and resources that are evidence-based, practical, accessible, and inclusive.

Introducing the NV 5-2-1-0 messages in the healthcare office not only provides a credible location for the
messages, it also emphasizes the important role healthcare professionals can play in supporting healthy behaviors.

For more information click here or contact Lisa Sheretz,, 775-328-6152.

Community Resources

Lead a healthier lifestyle with the programs and resources offered by our community partners.

Anything but the Gym

Kindred Health Coaching is committed to offering accessible and effective functional fitness programs to help adults maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. In collaboration with NNPH, Kindred Health Coaching runs a program called Anything but the Gym. This free initiative focuses on preventing and managing chronic illnesses among women in Washoe County. Participants benefit from easy-to-follow fitness routines, healthy eating advice, health coaching, and opportunities for community building to support the development of healthy habits.

For more information click here or contact Norma Kea,, 775-247-0250

Last modified on 05/30/2024