About the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act

The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act (NCIAA) went into effect on December 8, 2006, prohibiting the smoking of tobacco products in most indoor public places and indoor places of employment. In 2011 lawmakers changed the NCIAA to remove the restriction about not allowing smoking in bars where food is served and allowed smoking in bars, taverns and saloons that do not allow customers under the age of 21.

The law was updated again during the 2019 legislative session. The updated law says that vaping products (e-cigarettes) are tobacco, so vaping will be prohibited in all the places where smoking cigarettes is not allowed. This law went into effect on January 1, 2020.

Locations that can allow smoking and vaping per the NCIAA are:
  • Gaming areas of casinos where loitering by minors is restricted by law
  • Completely enclosed areas with stand-alone bars, taverns, and saloons in which customers under 21 years of age are prohibited from entering
  • Strip clubs or brothels
  • Retail tobacco stores
  • Retail vape stores
  • Areas of convention facilities during tobacco-related and vape-related trade shows, that are closed to the public
  • Private residences, including those used as an office workplace except if it is used as a child care or health care facility
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Last modified on 08/15/2023